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Dental Exams

Dental Exams are a very important part of your dental visit. This allows Dr. Meacham the opportunity to evaluate your teeth and gums. There are typical types of dental exams; comprehensive, periodic, and limited.

Comprehensive exam is done on your first dental appointment as a new patient to our practice. It involves a complete exam of your joints in the head to check the Tempromandibular Joint for popping or movement upon opening. Oral Cancer is also evaluated by checking the lymph nodes for swelling. We can use a tool called Identafi to check the soft tissue of the mouth for any suspicious lesion. Dental x-rays are taken by a machine called Dexis (digital x-rays) to see if any carious lesions are present in between the teeth and to check bone levels surrounding the teeth for gum disease.

Periodic Exam is done at the time of your regular 6 month cleaning appointment. We take digital x-rays once a year to check for carious lesions and bone level surrounding the tooth structure for gum disease. An oral cancer screening is also preformed manually ever visit, but once a year we can use Identafi.

Limited exam is when you come in for an emergency and we need to check a specific area due to pain or swelling. This includes a visual exam of the mouth and a digital x-ray is taken to determine the problem.